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Eagle Information

San Luis Rey

Eagle Scout Rank Procedures and Information

NOTE:  The following is only meant to serve as a general help but the current version of the Guide to Advancement supersedes everything on this page.  It is Highly Recommended that you read the EAGLE SCOUT RANK Section of the Guide to Advancement before starting your rank requirements. (The digital version can be found here  Guide To Advancement – Eagle Section).

Eagle Project Counselor and Coach

You should call an Eagle Counselor as soon as you are thinking about working on your Eagle Project. You do not need to have a project lined up before calling an Eagle Counselor. It is always better for you to call as soon as possible so they can help guide you through the process.

Once your project is submitted and approved, the Counselor can continue to work with you as an Eagle Project Coach.  Their greatest value comes in the advice they provide after your project has been approved and can advise you on issue related to planning and completing your project and application

ONLY District Approved Counselors may be used.   Please contact the Eagle Board Coordinator or Advancement Chair to have a Counselor assigned to you.

Important Things to keep in mind:

  • Your Board of Review must be last
  • You may not start any work on your Eagle Project until the day after your Life Scout Board of Review
  • You must receive District approval of your Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal prior to starting on your Eagle Scout Service Project Plan
  • All of these requirements, except for your Eagle Scout Board of Review, must be completed prior to your 18th birthday.
  • When you meet with the adults that are helping you, Do Your Bestto Be Preparedas much as you can. I bet you’ve heard those words somewhere before!
  • You MUST USE Current Version of the following forms (Find here )
    • Eagle Scout Rank Application
    • Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
    • Eagle Candidate Confidential Appraisal Letter Form

Eagle Project Workbook

Use of the workbook is required.

The Eagle Scout Workbook is an Adobe PDF file which you may either type in or print out and hand write your work. The choice is yours, however, if your work is hand written it must be legible.

The book can seem huge and confusing, however it is actually broken up into four easy sections:

  • Introduction and information
  • Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal
  • Eagle Scout Service Project Plan
  • Eagle Scout Service Project Report

You should read through the entire packet so that you understand it, especially the information section at the beginning.

The section Eagle Scout Service Project Plan is filled out after you have the proposed project idea approved and is the detailed plans for your project.  A project coach can assist you with this.
The section Eagle Scout Service Project Report is completed after your project if complete and asks about what you have learned through the process of completing for project.

Eagle Scout Application 

Check your Advancement Dates for your Ranks and Eagle Required Merit Badges. Your Eagle Scout Application and council records need to match.  Your blue cards and handbook along with any troop level records are great resources to sort our discrepancies.

If you find that the council records are in error, bring your Handbook or Blue cards to your Troop Advancement Chair who can correct their records and submit a correction to the council record.   Scouts can request a copy of their council advancement records by calling the council service center and asking for a copy of their advancement records.

Reference Letters

If you think you’re even close to turning in your Eagle Application, then you should begin asking your references to complete the Confidential Appraisal of Candidate letter.
For instructions, please see the Eagle Trail section on the SDIC Council Website section Letters of Recommendation

Process for Scheduling an Eagle Board of Review

Following are the steps required to get an Eagle Scout Board of Review scheduled. If you have any questions, contact the District Eagle Board Coordinator.

  • The Eagle Scout candidate submits his packet to San Diego-Imperial Council headquarters. The packet includes the following:
    • Completed Eagle Scout rank application form
    • Service Project Workbook, with all required signatures and completed Tour and Activity Plan.
    • Eagle Scout Letters of Recommendation in sealed envelopes – one letter per reference on the application form
  • The candidate will receive a receipt from Council for the submitted packet.
  • The entire packet will be reviewed by Council, and the candidate will be notified of any glaring deficiencies.
  • The entire packet will be forwarded to the District Eagle Board Coordinator for the San Luis Rey District.
  • The Coordinator will schedule the Board of Review with the scout.
  • Eagle Candidates, full field uniform (Class A) requested.

 Eagle Scout Court of Honor

The Guide to Advancement says “The Eagle Scout medal or patch must not be sold or otherwise provided to any unit or to the Scout, nor should the court of honor be scheduled until after the certificate is received at the council service center from the national Advancement Team.” But you will want to schedule and plan an Eagle Court of Honor. There is not any specific or required ceremony. A lot of ceremonies are collected in this document.

With questions about anything on this page you should contact your Scoutmaster or Troop Advancement Chairperson. You can also email our District Advancement Chair or Eagle Board Coordinator.

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