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Frequently Asked Questions

Note: The answers to most questions you have can be found in the Guide to Advancement…especially the Eagle Rank Section (Section  That document supersedes everything on this page for official answers.

What must be done before the Scout’s 18th birthday?

Requirements 1 through 6 must be complete before (not the day of) the 18th birthday. That includes the Scoutmaster conference.

What is the date to use for the date a rank or a merit badge was earned?

Rank  – Use the board of review date

Merit Badges – Use the date the counselor signed the blue card for the merit badges.

Where do I get the Eagle Scout Rank Application, Service Project Workbook and any other paperwork needed for the application process?

You MUST use the most current version of The Eagle Scout Rank application, service project workbook, and reference form must be downloaded from  No older versions can be  accepted by the district committee.

What happens if a Scout has a disability that keeps him from earning all the “required” merit badges?

There is a provision for alternative merit badges for a Scout who is unable to complete all the “required” merit badges. Plans and approvals must be done before the Scout does the alternative merit badges. If he earns a badge before getting approval from the council advancement committee, he may not be able to count that badge as an alternative to one of the “required” badges. Work on this with your district advancement chair and see the Boy Scout Requirements book for more information. NOTE:  Units cannot make exceptions other than as noted there and in the Boy Scout Handbook. See also the Guide to Advancement and the booklet called A Guide to Working with Boy Scouts with Disabilities.

What is an Eagle Project Coach?

The use of an Eagle Scout service project “coaches” is a Scout’s option, but coaches are highly recommended. Their greatest value comes in the advice they provide after approval of a proposal as a candidate completes his planning. A coach can help him see that, if a plan is not sufficiently developed, then projects can fail. Assistance can come through evaluating a plan and discussing its strengths, weaknesses, and risks, but coaches shall not have the authority to dictate changes, withdraw approval, or take any other such directive action. Instead, coaches help the candidate make the right decisions.  In many cases, candidates will not have undertaken something like an Eagle service project. Thus, we want them to obtain guidance from others, share ideas, seek plan reviews, and go through other processes professional project planners might use. But like a professional, the Scout makes the decisions. He must not simply follow others’ directions to the point where his own input becomes insignificant. On the other hand, adult leaders must bear in mind he is yet a youth. Expectations must be reasonable and fitting.  Coaches are not required but if a Scout chooses to use a coach, ONLY District Approved Coaches may serve and Coaches are assigned by the District.

Does it matter what order people sign the project proposal approvals in the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook? That is, must the benefitting organization sign off before the scoutmaster and unit committee? Must the scoutmaster sign before the unit committee?

It makes sense to have the approvals done in the order presented- unit leader (Scoutmaster), unit committee, and beneficiary. They are not required to be in that order, but all three should be there when the proposal is presented for the district approval.

Must the project be approved before you start work on it?

YES.  The Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook calls for the approval of the project proposal before you proceed. The proposal must be sufficiently developed so the district advancement committee can be sure the work will meet all requirements listed below. Do NOT start the project until AFTER you have the approvals SIGNED in the workbook.  Work with your Eagle Counselor.

Who may work on the project? May people work on it who are not Scouts?

Anyone may work on it. Recruiting people who are not in Scouting may even reflect good leadership skills. Keep in mind, though, that the Scout is to LEAD the project, not just work on it.

Where do I submit my Eagle application and what should I turn in with it?

Your application along with requirement 6 should be submitted to the council office at the Balboa Service Center  –   1207 Upas Street San Diego, CA 92103

After I turn in my application and Project Binder, when will my board of review be?

The District will schedule a board of review within 3 months and notify you of the date.

Who may serve on the board of review for the Eagle Scout rank?

Eagle Scout boards of review are coordinated by the district advancement committee.  The board will be at least three members and no more than six. One or more will be from your district advancement committee. No family member or person from your unit will serve on your board of review.

Who is allowed in the room with me during my review.

You and the board of review members will conduct your review while your family, friends, and unit leaders wait outside in a waiting room during your review.  We will invite them into the room when the decision of the board is ready to be announced.

When may the Eagle Scout rank award or cloth badge be worn?

You may not wear the award or cloth badge until the National approval has been received. Advancement Committee Policies & Procedures.  Adults do not wear rank badges at all, so you may wear it only until your 18thbirthday. Adults who are Eagle Scouts may wear a square knot over the left pocket showing they are Eagle Scouts or may wear the award on formal or dress occasions.

Can I get a replacement if I lose my Eagle Scout certificate or wallet card?

Yes from the National Eagle Scout Association.

What are the most common problems that delay processing an Eagle Scout rank application? (Work with an Eagle Counselor to avoid as much of these as possible)

  • Most common problem is item 4. “While a Life Scout, serve actively for a period of six months in one or more of the following positions of responsibility”. List only those positions served after the Life board of review date. The most common problem is that the position or positions listed are before earning the Life rank.
  • The application is not signed by the registered unit leader (Scoutmaster, Varsity Coach, Venturing Crew Advisor, Skipper). Have your troop access the internet advancement program to obtain a roster that shows current leadership. Units frequently make leadership changes and do not submit those changes to the council which results in an application being delayed due to conflicting information.
  • The council has no record of some ranks or merit badges. Have your troop access the internet advancement program to review the records. The troop can update any information that is missing or you can submit copies of rank and merit badge cards (blue cards) along with the Eagle Scout rank application.
  • An older version of the Eagle Scout application is submitted. New applications ask for more information that the older ones which cause a delay in processing. Always go to the website and download the most current version. Units frequently have outdated forms on file that should not be used.
  • Failure to list all the references required on the front of the Eagle Scout rank application. You must list a reference for every line (if you are not working, no employer is required). Without an employer, 5 references must be listed.
  • No project completion date, project title, or hours are listed under item 5.
  • No scoutmaster conference date is listed under item 6.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

You can call the council service center or contact the San Luis Rey District Eagle Coordinator or District Advancement Chair.

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